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Because quality Matters ... Resulta.

Our story

Our daily work could be compared to the hardships of the fairy-tale Cinderella. Just as she took over the peas and the lents, we sort parts, check their quality and if something doesn't work, we can sometimes fix them. However, we do our job with a smile and certainly not as punishment.

No one is perfect, it's not just about people. Even machines can make a mistake, and if they do, we and our services are here. Our employees will find the error and, if interested, correct it, of course if the nature of the error allows it. We have been operating in the field since 2010 and in recent years we have gained valuable experience, which we use daily.

Quality and speed are the basis of good business. Our district is mass production and our customers are mainly from the automotive industry. However, quality is also important in other industries, with which we also have extensive experience. 

If this world belongs to the perfectionists, It´s exactly us who the world needs.


Our company ensures precise quality control of your products.


The quality of your products is our highest priority.


We guarantee the expertise and quality of our services.


Customer satisfaction with our work comes first.

Number of pieces checked
Number of hours worked


We are an established company. We have been on the market since 2010


The high standard of our services is protected by the ISO 9001 certificate


The work is done by trained employees you can rely on


We provide our services for the entire Czech Republic, but also outside


We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


We also offer additional services - it depends on mutual agreement

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